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Hiring a Rancho Mirage Car Accident Lawyer

Car Accident Claims

It's important that you know how to handle your case if you are injured in an accident caused by another's negligence. No one should have to suffer injuries and difficulties because of another, but you do have options if you find yourself in this position. Car accidents happen every day but their frequency should not undermine the importance and significance of each individual event.

There are a number of expenses that you can be compensated for financially, but the most common ones are medical bills, lost work wages, vehicle damage repair and future health care needs. An accident lawyer will know the best approach in order to recover these expenses. You deserve to be able to afford the healthcare you need and your everyday expenses that you now struggle to afford.

With injuries such as broken bones, internal bleeding, spinal cord injuries, head trauma, fractured ribs, concussions, and whiplash, you will already be dealing a lot of pain after an accident. A Rancho Mirage accident attorney wants to help you deal with this difficult time. An accident lawyer will know how to deal with insurance companies and court proceedings in order to reach a fair settlement on your behalf. Also, your accident attorney will be able to consult with medical experts in order to confirm that your injuries are the result of the accident caused by another. Please trust that your lawyer will always have your best interest in mind while protecting your rights.

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  • I am very happy with the level of service Cohn & Swartzon provided me with during my time of need.

    “I am very happy with the level of service Cohn & Swartzon provided me with during my time of need. I truly did not expect my insurance to cover my legal fees, but I am sure that Attorney Cohn and Attorney Swartzon wrote a great letter to them. I hope that I don't need an attorney ever again; but if I did, I would go back to Cohn & Swartzon. And I would definitely refer my family and friends.”

    Maria S.

  • After Cohn & Swartzon fought hard for me in court, I received over a 6 figure settlement and also had my surgery paid for.

    “When I first met with Cohn & Swartzon, they explained to me that I had a difficult case; but because of my severe injuries, they were willing to help. Initially, the insurance did not offer much; but after Cohn & Swartzon fought hard for me in court, I received over a 6 figure settlement and also had my surgery paid for.”

    Deborah V.

  • They were completely honest, and offered great advice.

    “I highly recommend Cohn & Swartzon. When I decided to retain the Firm, I initially spoke with Attorney Jason D. Cohn. He was very knowledgeable and helpful in explaining what sort of personal injury case to expect. With the assistance of Attorney Saar Swartzon, Cohn & Swartzon were able to get me a $28,000 settlement. I was very pleased with the Firm's persistence and hard work. The attorneys always kept me informed about how my case was going, they were completely honest, and offered great advice. They listened to my concerns and needs, and always made me feel like I was a high priority client. Everyone at the Firm is very friendly and caring, both as one's legal representation, and simply as individuals. Thanks again!”


  • It is a real pleasure to recommend Cohn & Swartzon!

    “It is a real pleasure to recommend Cohn & Swartzon! For personal, prompt and excellent service they can't be beat. They certainly took the stress away in settling my claim. I am so thankful to them.”

    Barbara M.

  • They made me feel comfortable.

    “I was in a car accident that resulted in injuries, time off of work, and repeated visits to medical providers. I sought the assistance of Cohn & Swartzon to assist me in recovering my lost wages and help with paying my medical bills. The firm was so friendly and really educated me about how auto insurance and medical insurance works when you're involved in an accident. They made me feel comfortable with the process and more importantly I never had to deal with negotiating with the insurance companies for any of my medical bills. I was able to recover my lost wages, my medical expenses were paid in full, and I received a very good recovery for my pain and suffering. I have definitely recommended this law firm to family and friends many times and they all have been pleased with their service, knowledge and expertise.”

    Stacey M.