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Car accidents are a plague of any community. At Cohn & Swartzon is here to help the injured victims of negligent drivers. According to California law, innocent victims of car accidents have the ability to seek damages from the driver or party responsible for the accident, and therefore, their losses. If you were injured in an accident, we want to help you get the compensation you deserve. We serve Palm Springs and the surrounding cities, including Coachella, Indio, Cathedral City, and Palm Desert.

Working with a competent car accidentattorney will be an accident victim's best opportunity of being successful in his or her legal action against the negligent party. An attorney can properly determine the value of a victim's car accident claim and then work to obtain that amount - in full - through negotiation or courtroom litigation. Most personal injury lawsuits are settled out of court.

Involving a Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney

There are numerous benefits to entrusting one's case to an experienced personal injury attorney at our firm. At Cohn & Swartzon, we are highly experienced legal professionals who understand the many nuances of these cases. We know how the legal process works and how to aggressively assert your rights under California injury claims law in order to have the most significant and positive impact on your case and your ability to recover maximum financial compensation for your injuries. We take on all types of cases of this kind, including: car accidents, bicycle accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, and much more.

As you take the time you need to recover and spend time with loved ones, we can handle every single aspect of your case to maximize your monetary compensation for current and future medical care, any lost wages, and much more.

Our firm represents clients throughout all of Palm Springs and the surrounding areas in the Coachella Valley, including:

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Recent Reviews & Testimonials

  • They made me feel comfortable.

    “I was in a car accident that resulted in injuries, time off of work, and repeated visits to medical providers. I sought the assistance of Cohn & Swartzon to assist me in recovering my lost wages and help with paying my medical bills. The firm was so friendly and really educated me about how auto insurance and medical insurance works when you're involved in an accident. They made me feel comfortable with the process and more importantly I never had to deal with negotiating with the insurance companies for any of my medical bills. I was able to recover my lost wages, my medical expenses were paid in full, and I received a very good recovery for my pain and suffering. I have definitely recommended this law firm to family and friends many times and they all have been pleased with their service, knowledge and expertise.”

    Stacey M.

  • Cohn & Swartzon helped me to receive greatly needed medical care.

    “I was recently hurt in a really bad car accident. I did not have health insurance but Cohn & Swartzon helped me to receive greatly needed medical care. They also helped me get a replacement car quickly so that my wife could continue to drive to work while I was at home, getting better. I could not have done it alone, and I am very grateful to them.”

    Jackob S.

  • We ended up obtaining much more compensation than we ever thought possible.

    “I am very happy to recommend Cohn & Swartzon. My two young daughters and I were hit by a teenage driver whose vehicle flipped over our SUV. Cohn & Swartzon took care of everything, from dealing with my own insurance to educating me on the importance of getting top notch medical care. We ended up obtaining much more compensation than we ever thought possible. Thank you so much!”

    Lori G.

  • They were completely honest, and offered great advice.

    “I highly recommend Cohn & Swartzon. When I decided to retain the Firm, I initially spoke with Attorney Jason D. Cohn. He was very knowledgeable and helpful in explaining what sort of personal injury case to expect. With the assistance of Attorney Saar Swartzon, Cohn & Swartzon were able to get me a $28,000 settlement. I was very pleased with the Firm's persistence and hard work. The attorneys always kept me informed about how my case was going, they were completely honest, and offered great advice. They listened to my concerns and needs, and always made me feel like I was a high priority client. Everyone at the Firm is very friendly and caring, both as one's legal representation, and simply as individuals. Thanks again!”


  • I am very happy with the level of service Cohn & Swartzon provided me with during my time of need.

    “I am very happy with the level of service Cohn & Swartzon provided me with during my time of need. I truly did not expect my insurance to cover my legal fees, but I am sure that Attorney Cohn and Attorney Swartzon wrote a great letter to them. I hope that I don't need an attorney ever again; but if I did, I would go back to Cohn & Swartzon. And I would definitely refer my family and friends.”

    Maria S.