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Being injured in a car accident can be terrifying-especially when the cause of the accident was someone else's wrongdoing or negligence.

At Cohn & Swartzon, P.C., our car accident attorneys in Palm Springs have been pursuing justice on behalf of car accident victims for more than three decades.

We believe that no individual should have to suffer from injuries and damages that were brought on by another, and we work tirelessly to help our clients get the compensation they deserve.

When you are deciding on an attorney to handle your car accident claim, it is essential that you choose someone you can trust. Our team truly cares about the health and well-being of our clients, and we make sure that every client receives an exceptional amount of personalized attention and focus.

We understand that no two accidents are alike and no two individuals go through the same situation. This is why we provide tailored legal solutions that are customized to fit our clients' unique needs and goals.

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  • “They made me feel comfortable.”

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    Deborah V.
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We've Recovered Over $75 Million

The sooner you hire our firm, the sooner we can begin analyzing every detail surrounding your case. We are not afraid to go up against insurance companies or large corporations that try and cheat accident victims out of their rightful compensation.

We work tirelessly to help our clients and their loved ones recover the compensation they deserve.

In fact, our very own Attorney Saar Swartzon is a member of:

  • The Million Dollar Advocates Forum®
  • And the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum®

Membership in these associations is only granted to lawyers who are able to recover verdicts in excess of one million dollars.

How Long Do I Have To File My Car Accident Injury Claim?

According to the California statute of limitations for personal injury cases, victims of car accident injuries are legally able to file a lawsuit for their injuries for up to 2 years following the date of their accident.

However, if you are just filing a lawsuit to recover vehicle damages, you are allowed up to 3 years to file your case.

Our Clients Come First Working With Cohn & Swartzon, P.C.

  • We're Available 7 Days a Week
  • We Take the Time To Get to Know Our Clients
  • We Have Over 40 Years of Combined Legal Experienced
  • We'll Help Organize Your Documents & Legal Documents
  • We Have a Strong Track Record of Successful Outcomes
  • We Truly Care About Our Clients & Our Community

Fighting For Our Clients
In Their Time of Need

  • $36,688,496.00 Mesothelioma / Asbestos Case
    Court Judgment. After working with materials containing asbestos that the defendants knew caused terminal cancer but did nothing to correct, this gentleman was diagnosed with mesothelioma. After a long, agonizing and painful battle, he ultimately passed away from the cancer caused by his exposure to asbestos. This jury verdict included an award for punitive damages based upon the defendants' conduct.
  • $6,925,270.00 Victim of Crime Case
    Court Judgment. This was a truly heinous, despicable case. An elderly couple hired a carpet cleaning company to clean the carpets in their home. Several employees returned to the home in the middle of the night through an open window where they severely beat and robbed the elderly couple, nearly killing the wife and stealing over 1 million dollars in irreplaceable family artifacts and heirlooms. Fortunately, the defendants were apprehended, criminally convicted, and ultimately sent to prison.
  • $2,535,000.00 Mesothelioma / Asbestos Case
    Court Settlement. The details of this case are confidential pursuant to the settlement agreement.
  • $2,000,000.00 Bicycle Accident Case
    Court Settlement. Our client was riding his bicycle when a truck's mirror hit him and caused him to fall over the handlebars and down a ravine. Our client suffered loss of consciousness and brain injuries as well as numerous, painful fractures. The case was heavily litigated in court but we eventually reached a settlement forthe full policy limits very close to trial.
  • $1,600,000.00 Mesothelioma / Asbestos Case
    Court Settlement. The details of this case are confidential pursuant to the settlement agreement.
  • $1,550,000.00 Car Accident Case
    The details of this case are confidential pursuant to the settlement agreement.
  • $1,500,000.00 Bicycle Accident Case
    The details of this case are confidential pursuant to the settlement agreement.
  • $875,000 Motorcycle Accident Case
    Out of Court Settlement. Our client, a motorcyclist, was violently broadsided by an elderly driver. Our client suffered numerous injuries which included multiple fractures of his right hand, wrist and scapula. The at-fault party's insurance company originally argued comparative fault and offered a relatively minor settlement, stating they did not believe future surgery was necessary. Obviously, the defense's claims held little merit.
  • $850,000 Pedestrian Accident Case
    Court Settlement. A family of three was hit by an elderly driver while lawfully standing on the sidewalk. Our clients suffered significant injuries and post-traumatic stress. The defendant's attorneys vehemently argued there was no liability due to a sudden medical condition and a battle ensued. Eventually, after signifiant discovery, the asserted defense proved to lack merit. The case settled fairly close to trial.
  • $800,000.00 Dog Bite Case
    Court Settlement. Our client, a young girl, was viciously mauled by a family friend's American Staffordshire Terrier as her mother and brother watched in horror. Our client suffered severe lacerations and post-traumatic stress. The at-fault party's insurance company originally argued our client provoked the attack but later realized such an argument lacked any merit. The case settled on the eve of trial.

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