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Bicycle Accident Case - $2,000,000.00

Court Settlement. Our client was riding his bicycle when a truck's mirror hit him and caused him to fall over the handlebars and down a ravine. Our client suffered loss of consciousness and brain injuries as well as numerous, painful fractures. The case was heavily litigated in court but we eventually reached a settlement forthe full policy limits very close to trial.

Motorcycle Accident Case - $875,000.00

Out of Court Settlement. Our client, a motorcyclist, was violently broadsided by an elderly driver. Our client suffered numerous injuries which included multiple fractures of his right hand, wrist and scapula. The at-fault party's insurance company originally argued comparative fault and offered a relatively minor settlement, stating they did not believe future surgery was necessary. Obviously, the defense's claims held little merit.

Pedestrian Accident Case - $850,000.00

Court Settlement. A family of three was hit by an elderly driver while lawfully standing on the sidewalk. Our clients suffered significant injuries and post-traumatic stress. The defendant's attorneys vehemently argued there was no liability due to a sudden medical condition and a battle ensued. Eventually, after signifiant discovery, the asserted defense proved to lack merit. The case settled fairly close to trial.

Car Accident Case - $550,000.00

Out of Court Settlement. An elderly couple was hit by a drunk driver that was ultimately sent to state prison. Both of our clients suffered very serious injuries and were hospitalized for weeks. We successfully negotiated a settlement for the policy limits as well as a substantial reduction in our client's medical bills allowing the clients to recover the significant settlement they so deserved.

Car Accident Case - $525,000.00

Court Settlement. Our client was violently rear-ended on the 91 freeway by a commercial truck that resulted in a total loss of her SUV. Unfortunately, our client underwent a cervical fusion just a year prior to the collision and was forced to undergo a second fusion as a direct result of the impact in this collision. After filing a lawsuit, we successfully resolved the matter after working closely with our medical expert witness.

Car Accident Case - $150,000.00

Out of Court Settlement. Client was broadsided by a motorcycle who ran a red light. Her vehicle suffered major crush damage and the vehicle was flipped onto its roof due to the weight of the motorcycle and the severity of the impact. Client suffered a concussion and other injuries as well as loss of earnings for several months of being off of work.

Car Accident Case - $150,000.00

Policy Limit Settlement. Our client was struck by two different vehicles. She suffered a large herniated disk that required surgical intervention. With the help of our orthopedic experts, we convinced the two insurance companies that our client’s injuries were much more severe than what they argued which eventually led to a policy limit settlement.

Car Accident Case - $101,500.00

Court Settlement. Client was transporting her two children when a teenager, transporting his sister in violation of the Brady-Jared Safety Act of 1997, ran a red light. Their vehicle overturned, which pinned all occupants inside, hanging upside down and injured. Liability was disputed from the beginning but Cohn & Swartzon ultimately prevailed.

Car Accident Case - $100,000.00

Out of Court Settlement. Client was rear ended where the other party hit the trailer hitch of our client’s SUV. The impact was so great that it bent the hitch and broke the seats inside the vehicle. Client suffered numerous injuries but causation was heavily disputed by the insurance carrier.

Car Accident Case - $100,000.00

Court Settlement. Client was broadsided and transported to the hospital. She was unable to work for a period of time while she recovered from her painful injuries.

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